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BPI Sinag 2017 Bloggers Picnic at Melendres Farm Antipolo

Last Friday, we visited Melendres Farm in Antipolo. Not only were we able to de-stress and get away from hustle and bustle of the city, but most importantly, our hearts and minds were opened and inspired by the individuals we met and the stories we heard that day.
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1st Atlantic Bakery TV Ad Competition

Attention all you creative individuals and/or organizations interested to produce TV advertisements and commercials, Atlantic bakery will be having their first TV Ad competition for their 50th year celebration this year.

Now, are you ready for the challenge?
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Albay Online Fest 2015

Inspired by the #bigfest2015 held last September, another successful gathering of netizens was held last Saturday, November 14 at the Albay Astrodome. The Province of Albay, Team Albay Youth Organizations - TAYO and the Bicol Bloggers organized the #AlbayOnlineFest, an interactive event with bloggers talk, live performances, online sellers bazaars, raffles, games and a lot of surprises!
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Chef Donita’s Cooking Class

Cooking fused with love and care will always be part of being a Filipino. Our passion for cooking is always given a highlight during the numerous cultural and religious festivities that occur every year in the country. Whether it is fiesta or not, we, Filipinos, love to eat food and we always find time and reason to celebrate with our friends and family. Put simply, we passionately share our unique and delicious cuisines cooked with a hospitable heart for the hungry tourists and our dearest love ones. However, being too much in love with food can take its toll in our health. We will eventually develop heart diseases, diabetes and obesity if we are not responsible with our food choices and personal cooking habits.
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Single Ancestry: The Path to Specialty Coffee

The grand opening of Single Ancestry, the newest coffee shop along Magsaysay Avenue, grabbed the attention of coffee enthusiasts, business owners and artsy patrons last week. Of course, the Nagayon Team, as caffeine lovers, did not miss the event launch of this anticipated coffee station because the Latte Art Philippines, a pinoy barista community, and the proprietors of Single Ancestry have been buzzing about introducing specialty coffee to the patrons of Naga City few weeks before.
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Learn how to become a Swimming Champ this Summer!

The summer heat is on and swimming in all forms of water bodies either man – made or an earth’s master piece is in vogue! One of the things that will definitely make this season worthwhile is to hone your swimming skills and make yourself a champion.
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Young Bicolanos in Full swing during the 2016 Youth Leadership Conference

Atty. Francis Padua Papica has been inspiring and helping young Bicolanos for a very long time! Read about how his foundation celebrated its 19th anniversary.
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Naga City HIV Health Summit

The Naga City HIV AIDS council conducted an HIV Health summit last November 10 from 8am to 5pm in the Regent Hotel. Various sectors in the city were invited such as hospitals, schools, media, business establishments and special groups. The objective of each participant in the gathering is to discuss on how healthcare system improve the HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care.
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NICC Doctors Hospital International Infection Prevention Week 2015

The celebration of the infection control week at NICC Doctors Hospital has been one of the most awaited events in the institution due to its specific and attainable objectives that are proven to be effective in promoting infection control not only in the institution but for the entire community. The committee will once again spearhead a series of activities that would address the infection control problems in the hospital and at the same time benefit the staff and clients in the community that we benevolently serve.
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Pet Blessing Day 2015

Naga City has been truly a pet-friendly community. Today, all the pet owners were invited to gather in the St. Jude Thaddeus Parish in Barangay Concepcion Grande to have their little companions blessed and be welcomed in the Christian world.
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