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BPI Sinag 2017 Bloggers Picnic at Melendres Farm Antipolo

BPI Sinag Blogger's Picnic at Melendres Farm Antipolo

Last Friday, we visited Melendres Farm in Antipolo. Not only were we able to de-stress and get away from hustle and bustle of the city, but most importantly, our hearts and minds were opened and inspired by the individuals we met and the stories we heard that day. It is amazing to see younger generations entering the world of entrepreneurship. What's even more inspiring is that they all share a common mission and that is to solve some of the societal and environmental issues we are facing today.

BPI Sinag Blogger's Picnic at Melendres Farm Antipolo

One of the dominant problems in our society is poverty. We all see that everywhere we go. The issue is not because people are lazy, but because most of them lack opportunities to work and make a living. The good news is that there are increasing numbers of entrepreneurs who are now using new business models to help uplift these communities. They do not focus on profit alone but also the impact they'd have to the people and the planet. They have a genuine advocacy to help our environment and provide livelihood oppurtunities to those in dire need of help.

BPI Foundation, through its BPI Sinag Accelerate program, was created to equip and empower these entrepreneurs to further grow and deepen their impact in developing and empowering Filipino communities. This program isn't merely a competition with a prize money at stake, but it aims to grow a collaborative community of like-minded individuals by providing social, intellectual and financial capital. They also provide mentorships, trainings, and bootcamps.

BPI Sinag Blogger's Picnic at Melendres Farm Antipolo

Bayani Brew, Habi Footwear, First Harvest, Karaw Craftventures, Kapwa Greens, and Organic Options are some of the previous BPI Sinag Accelerate awardees. If you are a social entrepreneur, now is your chance to scale up your business and impact. Application is EXTENDED until July 15,2017.

Visit for more details and follow their facebook page for updates.

We all want to make a difference, and no movement is too small to not spark a change. What we can all do is to be a part of this movement by supporting these causes. Support our local products and our social enterprises for them to be sustainable. Let us do our share and shine a little light on a small part of the world and watch it ripple.