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IRO- IRO Japanese Restaurant

I recall saying "ITADAKIMASU!" before eating my uber yummy meal at IRO-IRO, a multi-cuisine restaurant located at Magsaysay Avenue adjacent to Kinamon Restobar.

Well, Itadakimasu is a Japanese phrase uttered before eating meals, which is oftentimes translate as "Let's eat!' or "I humbly receive."

Who doesn't want to say "itadakimasu" when you eat at IRO-IRO? I mean, the walls, pink cherry blossoms, chopsticks, wasabi, the entire aesthetic design, the food, calligraphy and uniforms are all screaming Japanese! It's pretty cool actually. You'll appreciate the rich and lovely culture of Japan. Although No Nodding or Japanese Bows were observed. However, I want to see the staff and patrons bow to each other so we can have the overall feel of the japanese experience.

On the other hand, do you know that IRO- IRO stands for "IBA-IBA" in Filipino? It's true! They don't only serve Japanese food but they also serve Mexican and other types of food.

In fact, aside from the japanese breaded porkchop and chicken, which were meaty, crispy and juicy, we also tried the mexican burritos. It was packed with meat, fresh greens and a mouthwatering dressing. We definitely had to try another one when we go back. Another interesting food we had was the wasabi fries. It's basically the common french fries but it's mixed together with wasabi powder. I didn't like it. The potatoes were a bit over cooked and the flavor doesn't personally fit with the preference of my taste buds. However, there are other flavors to choose from like the usual cheese, bbq and sour cream flavors.

IRO-IRO offers lots of food, most are actually affordable, and you should definitely try all of them. With a budget of 250 per head, you can have a satisfying meal and create a wonderful memory with friends and love ones.

They are open from 11:00am until 10:00pm. For more inquiries, contact 0917 947 7117.