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Naga City HIV Health Summit

Naga City HIV Health Summit

It was early this year that the Department of Health announced that there are “concentrated epidemic” of HIV Cases in 6 Philippine cities. These cities are Caloocan, Manila, Quezon, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan De Oro with a prevalence rate ranging between 4.7%-7.7% and if not given immediate attention and action, it may reach uncontrollable levels. The Department of Health is concerned that other cities might be affected as well, that is why all sectors in the society are being tapped in order to halt the spread of the infection.

The Naga City HIV AIDS council conducted an HIV Health summit last November 10 from 8am to 5pm in the Regent Hotel. Various sectors in the city were invited such as hospitals, schools, media, business establishments and special groups. The objective of each participant in the gathering is to discuss on how healthcare system improve the HIV Diagnosis, Prevention and Access to Care.

In the symposium, alarming HIV/AIDS facts were given. The total number of cases in the Philippines from January 1984 to August 2015 reached 27,736 with 22 cases reported every day. Mostly, males aging 25 – 35 years old are reported with new HIV infection and the predominant mode of transmission is through sexual contact. This means that Men having Sex with Men (MSM) population are at high risk of contracting the disease. In fact, majority of the cases in the Bicol region are from this population. Sadly, the highest and still increasing number of cases are found in Camarines Sur.

However, it was reiterated during the summit discussions that there is a need to identify the unreported cases and immediate actions and solution must be implemented. Contact tracing, massive information dissemination and HIV/AIDS awareness and most importantly, sexual behavior modification are tackled to resolve the “fast and furious” disease that plagues our society nowadays.

The local AIDS council and the local government units of the province are taking little steps to solve the HIV/AIDS problem in a multisectoral approach. In the meantime, the Naga City health office are encouraging the public to get tested.

For more queries and concern regarding HIV/AIDS testing, you may contact the following numbers 0999-5750-961 / 0917-3121-112.