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Nagayon v2.1

Nagayon v2.1

Nagayon came from the words Naga and 'gayon', a bicol word which means beauty. When you say something is 'nag gagayon', it means it is becoming more beautiful.

Nagayon is a personal project owned and managed by Chia and Michael of Ladon Design Studio. This service is free for everyone to use and although we are doing everything we can to make the system as user-friendly and the website as informative and as fun as possible, we still need your help and support. For businesses that are still not on the directory, kindly fill in the form provided for you. It is located at the contact us section of this website. For events, promos and other concerns, please do not hesitate to inform us and we will respond as soon as we can. We also want to hear your opinions on how we can serve you better - suggestions and feedbacks are very much welcome.

This project is still young, it was first launched last February 6, 2015. We will continously add more improvements and features bit by bit. We definitely have big plans for this project and we are so excited to make it all happen. This is made for every naguenos and tourists (who may also be 'oragons' by heart) who will visit Naga and Bicol. Let's show the world what Naga and every oragon is made of.

The search field located at the top navigation bar is optimized for easy browsing. Just type in the business name, category or subcategory that you are looking for. Furthermore, every business branch comes in with different useful keywords to make the query easy-peasy. Some examples of helpful keywords that we use includes: wifi(for establishment with available free wifi), delivery (with delivery services) ; credit card (accepts credit cards as mode of payments) or cash only; 24 hours (open 24 hours); magsaysay, sm, centro (branch address); Italian, Japanese, Filipino (cuisines) and etc. You can suggest any useful keywords that we may have missed out.

The categories and subcategories that we prioritized are the ones we believe people usually look for in a directory. If you think we must add more, please do speak up. Or forever hold your peace. lol :)

For mobile users, we suggest bookmarking the website and add it on your phone home screen for quick and easy access. Although this is not an app, our responsive design and layout will easily adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions. It works well from pc and laptops to tablets, ipads and smartphones.

We are open for collaborations. If you have a good project or an idea in mind, we'd very much like to talk to you.

One last note before we end this post. Friends often ask us why we did it, if the service is free. Our answer: why not? Because we can, so we should! We wanted to promote Naga in ways we can and in ways we know how. We have offered our web services to some local businesses before and we were often faced with different obstacles: some business owners don't even know what a website is or what a web developer does; others feel that they dont need it or that they can not afford it; and some are contented with their existing social media pages and accounts. Sure, facebook, instagram and twitter are also very important, but these platforms often offer limited features. Some foreigners, when travelling to a different place, would often use top leading search engines for informations and guides. If they can not find you there, you end up losing a huge percent of your potential customers. Our project offers a quick solution for everyone: our directory features key information about businesses or establishments and the blog section will help further promote it. Additionally, it is our desire to educate the public about the importance of having an online presence. It bridges you to the rest of the world! And finally, one major reason of this project is to showcase our skills as web developers and web designers. This is what our brand is all about: quality design and code, and great user experience.

So, businessmen and entrepreneurs, if you want an upgrade and have your own website, we'd be happy to offer you our high quality yet affordable website packages. :)