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Single Ancestry: The Path to Specialty Coffee

The grand opening of Single Ancestry, the newest coffee shop along Magsaysay Avenue, grabbed the attention of coffee enthusiasts, business owners and artsy patrons last week. Of course, the Nagayon Team, as caffeine lovers, did not miss the event launch of this anticipated coffee station because the Latte Art Philippines, a pinoy barista community, and the proprietors of Single Ancestry have been buzzing about introducing specialty coffee to the patrons of Naga City few weeks before.

You may ask, what is Specialty Coffee?

In an article by Ric Rhinehart of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, it was mentioned that the term was coined by Erna Knutsen where the specialty coffee concept in essence was derived from “special geographic microclimates that produce (coffee) beans with unique flavour profiles. Underlying this idea of coffee appellations was the fundamental premise that specialty coffee beans would always be well prepared, freshly roasted, and properly brewed.” It’s cool that it is was called that way.

At last, a coffee shop in the metro with an interesting niche and willing to educate people about the wonders of coffee. We were really excited because finally we get to learn about how gourmet coffees are made and served.

Honestly, the creatively designed walls that show the life cycle of coffee beans, the deliciously displayed pastries, alluring coffee aroma and the number of participants as well as customers that day were quite overwhelming. Good thing that the Single Ancestry staff and the group of passionate baristas were very hospitable to accommodate everyone who registered for the event. As the session progressed, I started to admire how these Latter Art Philippine baristas shared their coffee related knowledge and experiences with zealous and spunk.

As a matter of fact, we did not expect that there are more things to learn about coffee. In fact, we literally drink coffee almost every day and it surprised us that there are variety of coffees in the market that has distinct flavours and there are ways on how to correctly profile each coffee.

The 2-day gathering was genuinely fun and fruitful. Some of the best things I’ve learned was that coffees are distinguished according to their aroma, fragrance, flavour, after taste, brightness, body and balance. Plus the taste and quality of coffees can be affected by water, temperature and storage room. And if ever we’re invited to evaluate a coffee, we already know how to. It’s a skill that can be useful one day. Perhaps, the most memorable event was the latte art demonstration and the special barista jam. Yes, we were given opportunities to design our coffee with tulips and hearts. It may look easy on videos and real life demonstrations but it was quite hard. You need control, focus and determination. Probably our team will practice and do it again together in the future.

Anyway, kudos to Single Ancestry for advocating specialty coffee. Although it’s not the only beverage that you can find in their menu. They also got a wide selection of beers, frappes and shakes. Also, they also have tasty foods that everyone can enjoy during snacks or meals from 10am to 11pm during weekdays and they can extend up until 12midnight during weekends. And get this, the food is affordable ranging 200 to 300 pesos. By and large, it’s a perfect place for family, friends and lovers.