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What’s in your Summer Bag?

Summer in Naga City

The summer smells like trees, sea breeze, freshly cut grass, grilled fish, hamburger steaks and barbecue! It is the perfect time to fill your soul with smiles and laughter while soaking up the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature together with family, friends and curious tourists. Summertime sounds like a refreshing waterfall and feels like a warm body of a lover in the sweet misty morning. The wind dances with the flowers, leaves and grass while the birds sing beautifully in the sky.

This is how we usually picture summer. The possibilities of enjoying the season are limitless. However, we need to be prepared and ensure that we fill our summer bags with important stuff. In this way, we can fully enjoy summertime and prevent any untoward incidents that might spoil the summer fun.

So, what should be in your bag? There are 8 important stuffs that you need to bring all the time this season.

Summer in Naga City


It is always helpful to bring at least a bottle of water to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Summer in Naga City

Sun screen lotion

High SPF sun cream with separate sun block for your face. You don’t need wrinkles, skin lesions or cancer. Ensure that you apply it at least 15mintues before you expose yourself to the sun.

Summer in Naga City

Sun Glasses

Eye protection is imperative. Too much UV light can damage your eyes, a pair of sun glasses will not only protect but you can use it as a fashionable accessory this season.

Summer in Naga City

Smart Phone

You can always enjoy music, connect with friends and take pictures and videos. What is summer without these activities?.

Summer in Naga City

An appropriate and comfortable bathing suit

Anytime, your friends and co-workers can invite you to swim. A piece swimming suits and trunks are required in any pool or beach.

Summer in Naga City

Fresh towels and light clothing

Towels can be used to wipe sweat and dry your skin after swimming. Light clothing can be used to prevent body from overheating during physical exertion.

Summer in Naga City

Flip flops

You can always bring this for comfort and feet protection.

Summer in Naga City

First aid kit

That means you need to bring wound disinfectants, cotton, alcohol, emergency medications and the likes.

You can add more in your bag depending on your personality, personal preferences or area you will be going to. Summer can be safe and fun! The contents of your bag are things that may give you a little oomph to realize a great summer.